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Q&A with Christi Craig

Christi Craig is a writer, teacher, and editor based in Wisconsin, as well as the publisher of Hidden Timber Books. I was delighted to be interviewed by Christi for her blog. Here's how she starts:

"In life and writing, no character lives in isolation. Every action and reaction moves us forward in one way or another, strengthening ties or breaking bonds. It is only in looking back where we may fully understand the course of our journey, the impact we have on others, the impact they have on us.

Zuckerman, cover image for The Book of Jeremiah, silhouette of man's profile nested several times.

From the title, The Book of Jeremiah (Press 53, 2019), you might assume Julie Zuckerman’s debut novel is solely the story of one man. But this novel in stories opens with “A Strong Hand and an Outstretched Arm,” as told from Jeremiah’s mother’s point of view, and sets the tone for all that follows: a journey through past and present, revealing all that makes the man."


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