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A Captivating Tapestry of Family - Review in f(r)iction

"From parents to parenting, mischievous youth to playful old age, Julie Zuckerman picks out and points at well-chosen moments in the life of Jeremiah Gerstler: a boy-turned-man growing up in the mid-1900s. Juxtaposing Jeremiah’s highs and lows, Zuckerman creates a rich tapestry of life, from family careers to the messy throes of loss and love. Through each story, Zuckerman is aware of her readers—she does not punch the point home with a heavy or high hand. She lets things stay complicated, gives details as you need them, and allows you to put them together at your own pace..."

Thus begins Jordan Ryder's beautiful review of The Book of Jeremiah in f(r)iction. It's one of the most insightful reviews I've seen. Read the full review here.


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