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Books I Hate (And Also Some I Like) - Cathy Ulrich Interview

"Follow Cathy Ulrich on Twitter, and you’ll find before long that she’s a relentless advocate for indie writers and magazines. She shares dozens of stories and poems and flash pieces in a given month, with the kind of lovely compliments a writer dreams about. Her own work tends to get lost in the shuffle, but she, too, is a writer. Her first collection, Ghosts of You, drops in October from Okay Donkey, which is debuting its book publishing arm with Ulrich’s work. I wanted to ask her about books she can’t advocate for, of which, it turns out, there are a few...."

In this interview between Cathy Ulrich and Katharine Coldiron, Cathy talks about books she hates...the surprise for me was mentioning The Book of Jeremiah as a recent one she's loved!

Read the full interview.


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